There is a time when, preoccupied with memories,
we stray from ordinariness and wish to share feelings with others. Christmas and New Year are those special and extraordinary periods in our lives.
All those thrilling moments require special external
expression.Christmas tree is one of the warmest symbols
of those holidays. The tree that is full of glittering deco-
rations and sparkling with lights. Christmas tree has been
present in European tradition since the 15th . century, and
in Poland since the 17th century. New-technologies of
making glass decorations introduced at the turn of the
19tlrand 20th century allowed the production of a large
variety of afferent moulds-Today, in the era of computers,
and robots, it tums out that nothing can replace the man's
hand that can add individual character to each separate
Our firm has been making ornaments that are sold in
the USA, Canada, Germany and Australia for several years
or so. Recently, we designed a whole collection of them for
Ivana Trump.
Now, we are trying to conquer the home market due
to the acquiring a new plant and increasing the employment.We are sure that the number of different patterns, their refined moulds and elegance make them small works of art. They are certainly able to please even the most fastidious connoisseurs.